International Management


As companies
expand their business globally, international management research becomes
increasingly important. The International Management program is designed to
help students learn the basics of international business strategy and cross-cultural
management. In addition, throughout the course, students should develop a sense
of ease in engaging in business in a multicultural business management

globalization of markets is forcing managers to develop the skills needed to manage
effective multinational enterprises. TNCs often report inefficient management
of international operations due to a lack of sensitivity to intercultural
negotiations, asset allocation and local government, economic conditions,
technological changes, and social trends.

In addition, the
management of international enterprises is also affected by e-commerce and
information technology. This course enables students to fully understand
business companies as key players in the global system by integrating insights
from the global manager environment, cultural background and global human
resources, managing social responsibility in international markets,
organizational structure and control, global alliances, and motivating and
leading multinational corporations.

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