International Marketing


This course
brings together two key subjects, international marketing and cross-industry
innovation. It will provide the basis for international marketing and then
explain how the company can grow by going abroad or looking for ideas/expanding
into other countries or industries. Transnational and cross-industry
innovation, terminology and analysis platforms run not only through this
course, but also applicable to other specialized courses.

As an
introductory course, we keep the concepts short so that learners can easily
enter the wonderful world of international marketing. In the second
specialization process, more specific aspects of the business will be provided,
such as managing products, prices, locations and promotions, as well as positioning
and positioning.

Upon successful
completion of this course, learners will receive the following results:

(1) Understand
the core meaning of marketing and international marketing.

Understanding international marketing is about striking the right balance
between maximizing cross-cultural similarity (the Etic approach) and custom
marketing (the Emic approach) to make important local differences.

(3) Learn how to
buy through cross-industry innovation or expand to other industries at home and

(4) Lay a solid
foundation for subsequent courses (introduction and execution of international
marketing) and professional industry specialties.


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