Managerial Accounting


Welcome to the Managerial Accounting course. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use accounting information effectively in a management role. It is designed for students who aspire to be decision-makers in businesses, not-for-profit organizations, or public sector entities.

Whether you plan to work in operations, marketing, human resources, or finance, the tools and techniques you learn in this course will be applicable. Throughout the course, we will emphasize how managerial accounting information can be used to make strategic business decisions, and how it aids in planning, decision making, and performance evaluation.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of managerial accounting concepts and techniques, and you will be able to apply these to various business contexts. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, problem-solving exercises, and group discussions, you will gain practical insights into the role that managerial accounting plays in modern businesses.

This course will challenge you, inspire you, and equip you with practical accounting tools and techniques. We look forward to joining you on this educational journey.

Please note that while some understanding of basic accounting principles is helpful for this course, we will be starting from the foundational concepts. Therefore, even if you’re new to the field of accounting, you should be able to follow along and understand the material.

Remember, the aim is not to become an accountant, but to become a better manager and decision-maker.

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