Paint your vision with HTML and CSS”


HTML and CSS are at the heart of any web site, so understanding exactly how they work and how they work together to create interactive and responsive Web content is a key focus of this course.

If you didn’t know much or nothing about HTML and CSS before, but you want to be able to create your own site exactly as you want, and have complete control over all aspects of the site, then this course (running for two days in a row) is for you.

During the training, we will be based on your understanding of the syntax and terminology involved in HTML 5 and how to display any type of content correctly. We’ll then look at how to integrate external resources into your HTML files, and how to build documents and files to effectively apply styles.

You’ll learn how to use CSS to add colour and design to your pages, use fonts, and manipulate content layouts in different ways. We’ll show you trading tips that allow you to write CSS so that you can design the page accurately with the minimum code you need.

You’ll also gain technical and framework knowledge to help you create responsive websites that look like they’re designed for mobile, tablet, and desktop displays.

At the end of the course, you’ll know how to add any type of content to your site and how to manipulate a presentation of that content so that your users can easily access your site from any device.

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