Principles of Accounting



Accounting is a very important topic that
translates all financial events of a business into numbers, enabling managers
and other users to report, analyze, and make decisions that help read about the
financial health of the business and predict future outcomes.

I built a course using a variety of
reliable accounting resources. The content is based on U.S. GAAP, and I’ve also
leveraged the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in my own career spanning
more than 15 years. Currently, I work as a finance manager in a contracting
company. At the same time, I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with
everyone who is interested in accounting. It took me two years to provide you
with this content, and I made sure that every piece of information was valid
and trustworthy.

This course will guide you through all the
basics of accounting for a sole proprietorship owned by an individual or
entity. We will start with the basics of service companies and then work on the
business of selling goods, including major topics such as inventory costing,
cash and cash equivalents, trade receivables, plant assets, natural resources,
intangible assets, and fundamental financial analysis. After each section, I
will practice the complete exercises with you. Together we will gradually learn
and practice the details.

This course is geared toward:

ü  Students of any educational institution

ü  Professionals interested in accounting

ü  Accountants who want to expand their skills

ü  Business owners

ü  Everyone is looking to learn about accounting and how it works

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