Production And Operation Management


Production and
operations management involves the design, planning, and control of operating
systems designed to provide goods and services. This course provides students
with knowledge and understanding of the nature and characteristics of operating
systems in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Understand the
development topics of manufacturing and service operations management and be
able to outline the strategic issues involved in operational decision-making;

Ability to demonstrate
the link between operational strategy, company strategy and organizational

Familiarity with
inventory management techniques, the principles and concepts behind instant and
MRP systems, and be able to identify the limitations and problems of
implementing these technologies in practice;

Understand the
evolution of quality management and practice; Assess the relationship between
quality and competence, quality and competitiveness;

Ability to consider
the concept of process management and its impact on practice;

Ability to identify
links between organizational structure, technology, operational activities and


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