World Primary School Year 1 – 6 (Age 6 to 11, Grade 01 to 06)


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Most schools offer education that promises to equip their students with the skills to understand the world around them and navigate the future. At World Degree Academy, we believe that education can do much more than that.

Our education not only enables children to understand the world around them. Our ambitious English courses promote problem solving, analytical approaches and an outward-oriented perspective that encourages social responsibility and participation. It enables our students to lead, shape and change their world.

Our World Primary School provides a special learning base for children aged 6 months to 11 years, supported by a school culture driven by the three pillars of curiosity, self-confidence and kindness.

Our impressive team of early experts, general elementary school experts and subject matter experts create an excellent primary school environment and provide unparalleled preparation for high school.


School Mission

Together, we create an attractive and rich environment for passionate learners, creative thinkers and caring leaders.

School Vision

Vibrant, interconnected communities that desire, learn, and lead

School Values

  • Graciousness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork


School Objectives:

  • Light up and shine – it means excellence. “Success begins with one’s will: you must think of high ascent.
  • Train and educate students to the best of their ability.
  • Opening a book means gaining knowledge.
  • The torch symbolizes our pursuit of excellence and guides us forward. We must be good role models for others.
  • Uninterrupted cycle refers to comprehensive education, including social, aesthetic, moral, physical and academic development. This symbolizes unity and marks the unity of all students in World International School to achieve our common goal.


School beliefs

  • With full challenge and support, all students want and are able to learn and achieve at a higher level.
  • Learning must be happy and purposeful, and be cultivated as a lifelong process.
  • The impact on student learning depends on what we do or don’t do as educators. We are agents of change!
  • Innovation, creativity and learning thrive in a positive and safe environment.
  • Family school partnerships and partnerships can increase the educational opportunities and experiences of our students.


World Degree – Primary School Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed around your child as an individual with unique abilities, experiences and interests. A comprehensive, problem-based basic curriculum makes learning relevant and meaningful for every child, regardless of their background. Our teachers recognize each child’s special potential and take an inclusive approach to adapting to different learning styles and needs. All of our students can enjoy a fair way of learning that encourages cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Uniquely International-styled, our Primary section offers a broad-based education, anchored in a rigorous bilingual programme. Our programmes are designed to ensure the child’s holistic development, in and out of the classroom, and most importantly, to develop critical life skills, sound moral values and competencies to navigate a fast-changing world.

We focus on building a strong foundation in values, knowledge and skills so as to allow the child to understand their physical and social world, be able to function in it and relate to others as part of a social group. Our curriculum framework is based on the International curriculum and taking into consideration the different and varied background of our students.

Our learning framework focuses on:

Language art courses that provide students with fluent speaking and writing tools and effectively process information through reading and listening.

Digital ability is acquired through the core mathematics curriculum, which can be complemented by a wealth of mathematics courses.

The focus is on foreign languages, daily Mandarin and Spanish courses.

Promote cultural and social development through art, music, dance and sport.

Critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving methods.

Inspire confidence and develop presentation skills.

Our primary school curriculum also includes teaching in foreign languages, social studies, science, art, music, dance, sports and library skills, with a focus on integrated technology. The course follows the survey units and guides them through learning at 5-6 weeks with a central theme that connects them to all of their topics.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is an integral part of school life at Stamford American Elementary, and students are encouraged to explore technology and apply it to their learning journey. Students from Kindergarten 2 to Grade 5 are given increasingly challenging problems to tackle, and the 1-to-1 iPad Program gives them access to additional resources. Our aim is to prepare your child in becoming a knowledgeable and responsible citizen of the digital world.


Recognizing Growth and Achievement

Students at Stamford American Elementary are comprehensively assessed across academic knowledge, practical skills, learning ability and attitude, project portfolios and social relationships. Our focus is on helping your child develop into a well-rounded individual, and we keep you involved in that journey through quarterly reports and regular parent–teacher conferences.


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