IEU Ambassadors


IEU ambassador represents IEU acting as a liaison between the entity they represent and its various stakeholders, including students, employees, partners, and the public. Ambassadors are typically selected based on their leadership abilities, communication skills, and commitment to the values and goals of the organization.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Promotion: Ambassadors are expected to promote the institution or organization they represent, both internally and externally. This could involve speaking at events, attending conferences, or using social media to share positive news and updates.

  2. Engagement: Ambassadors play a critical role in engaging with different groups associated with the institution or organization. They may be involved in welcoming new members, facilitating discussions, or even mentoring others.

  3. Representation: Ambassadors represent the institution or organization in a variety of settings. They should be prepared to answer questions about the entity they represent, and to embody its values in their actions and behaviors.

  4. Feedback: Ambassadors often act as a bridge between management and other stakeholders. They may be responsible for gathering feedback from students, employees, or partners, and communicating this feedback to the relevant parties within the institution or organization.

  5. Leadership: As visible representatives of their institution or organization, ambassadors often need to take on leadership roles, motivating and inspiring others.

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