Marketing And Sales Management


Marketing is often seen as the most
important function of any organization; Without an effective marketing
campaign, the organization will be disconnected from customer needs, market
conditions and development; Customers will not know or have access to the
business’s products and services.  In
addition to the best-selling capabilities required for success, it is also
necessary to understand the market, market research, distribution channels,
marketing strategies, advertising, public relations, pricing strategies, etc.
Sales/marketing managers must also manage employees: recruit, motivate, mentor,
train and control them, and plan and organize their activities.  This program provides training on the broad
responsibilities of sales and marketing managers in a competitive business

When people and resources are scarce and
expensive, you need to make every investment in your salespeople. Your sales
force is a major growth engine and a great source of market feedback. At the
same time, it can quickly become expensive and difficult to manage. Lead an
effective sales force and help you optimize salesperson performance by learning
to reduce costs while increasing sales.

Learn how strategies such as analyzing
sales calls, adjusting territories, shifting product or market focus,
reallocating salesperson time, or resizing salespeople transform performance to
maximize salesperson performance. Learn to use compensation systems and
organizational structures to motivate salespeople and third-party distribution channels
to achieve fruitful results. Leading an effective sales force is an intensive
experience that will change the way you approach sales and inspire results.

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